The Hunter: Perfidious

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The Hunter: Perfidious, a tale of misdirection and betrayal. The fast pace sequel to The Hunter: Awakening.
Melisa, having survived the fateful fall in Las Vegas, now must deal with the truth of her new life. She has been thrust into the realm of the werewolf, a world filled with danger, cruelty and treachery. Melisa must learn fast the new life of the beast, not only for herself, but for the child she carries. With the Hunter’s journal to guide her, the immortal enemy of her new family, she will work to find out the truth about her savior.
The clash in Las Vegas has left the Kosmatka clan reeling and broken. Sides have been chosen and what was once a powerful clan is now separated into two small packs. One is led by Alex, the youngest brother, a remorseless power-hungry werewolf, looking to take what he believes is his rightful place as the leader of the Kosmatka clan and revenge his father’s death.
The other pack is led by Chris, the once idolized leader, working to better his family’s way of life. Chris, having lost his place as the leader, must stop Alex before he can do anything to harm his love, Melisa, who is responsible for their father’s death

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