Nicholas Arriaza Author of the hunter: awakening

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Nicholas Arriaza did not take the normal road in becoming a writer. With a need to help support his family, he dropped out of high school and went to work at an early age. He has worked as a pizza maker, an electrician, a carpenter and a luxury home electronics salesman. He went on to open a successful luxury custom home theater design and integration company. After an injury forced him to close, he took time off and focused on life. He took up cooking, drawing, and writing, all passions he had ignored for way too long. He is now a stay at home dad, fantasy writer and head chef of the household. He lives with his wife, their toddler son, and Pit-Bull named Basil in Los Angeles, CA. THE HUNTER: AWAKENING is his first published novel. He is currently working on the second novel of the saga.

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The Hunter: Awakening

The Hunter: Awakening

Melisa Castro’s life was going just as she had planned. Living in the hills of Los Angeles, she’s a highly regarded Neurosurgeon who loves her job, helping to cure a disease close to her heart. Engaged to Chris, a man of deep passion and strength, and pregnant with their first child. Everything was perfect. Until a hurt, emaciated, man lands in her life. Literally.

Lost and without a memory, the “John Doe” becomes her obligation. Unbeknownst to her, he is of great power and feared by those who stalk the night. That includes Melisa’s love, Chris, who has been trying to distance himself from his true nature. He is a werewolf.

The Hunter: Awakening is the first of a series of novels that will explore the nature of good and evil and the question of redemption: Is it available to those who have perpetrated great evil?

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